Mrs Mason started her teaching career in The West Midlands in the Borough of Sandwell after graduating from Birmingham University with a BEd in Art and Design and Primary Education. She started as a Reception teacher but then moved into Nursery, before becoming the leader of the Reception Nursery team.

After eight years her career then led her to teaching in Saudi Arabia, initially in Year 1, then into Reception before a leadership role of Reception and Nursery. After five years of working in an international setting, Sandra returned to the UK, where she continued her career teaching in a small village Primary school with a mixed class of Yr1 and FS2 students.

The opportunity then arose to travel to Dubai nine years ago, initially working in a Nursery setting, then as a Principal setting up a brand new Nursery school in Dubai before join GEMS FirstPoint in her current leadership role when the school first opened its doors. Her vast experience from the initial days of The National Curriculum through to the current Early Years Foundation Curriculum has been an incredible journey, and she has a passions for encouraging children to really engage in their learning and develop a thirst for learning that can never be quenched.

Next Steps

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