Danny Doyle

Head of School

Danny has a PhD from the University of Birmingham. His PhD thesis and research focused on the impact of academic frameworks on children’s development – especially language development and writing attainment. Danny also has a MA (Distinction) in Professional Enquiry – which focused on the Emotional and Behavioral Development of Children; a PGCE and BA (Hons) Dual Degree in English Language, Linguistics and Literature.

Previously, Danny was the Senior Executive Principal and Accounting Officer of a large expanding Multi Academy Company in the West Midlands and has recently worked as a Principal and Executive Principal over a number of outstanding schools. In England, Danny was Director of a Teaching School Alliance which specialized in Maths Mastery, English Development and Curriculum Innovation. All of Danny’s roles have been driven by his passion to see every pupil receive the best possible provision, to unlock their talents and fulfill their potential.

As part of his leadership, Danny was described by Ofsted as an “outstanding, creative and dynamic leader” and he has been awarded the NAACE Impact Award (for outstanding curriculum design) and the Goldsmith’s Award (for his research with University of California - supporting children with EAL needs).

Danny is a firm believer in mastery curricula and deeper learning pedagogies. He believes all pupils should receive an education which inspires them to be the best they can be, but also helps prepare them to be the innovators and leaders of the future.

Finally, and on a personal note, Danny competes internationally in his sport of Muay Thai and he is a keen traveler. He is very excited to be the Head of School, and part of the FPS Leadership team. 

Next Steps

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