Academic Ethos

Our Ethos and Values

FirstPoint School is an exceptional school where we combine British academics and heritage with an international perspective to inspire our children to achieve excellent academic success through innovative and creative approaches to learning.

At FirstPoint School, we see the opportunity to educate other people's children as a rare privilege, bringing with it a huge responsibility to provide the best all-round education possible as we aim to prepare young people for happiness and success in their adult lives. At FPS, we take this responsibility extremely seriously. We care about the individual and pride ourselves in the warmth of a community in which all our pupils feel valued.

For us, our families and our children will always come first. We are not an exam factory; we are a community - where children will achieve and fulfil their inherent potential and where they will also be valued and known as an individual.

We live in exciting and fast changing times and this means that providing an outstanding, progressive and well-rounded education is more important than ever. There are many aspects which make education and provision at FirstPoint first-class.

Curriculum Design

Our unique curriculum is designed around our whole-school, through-school model and provides an ambitious, progressive and personalised pathway for all of our students. Our curriculum provides coherence, balance and breadth, generating an appetite for learning and discovery in our students, and encouraging them to develop strong cultural awareness, a determination to be an influence for good, and a capacity for work, leadership and collaboration.

Centres of Excellence 

We have centres of excellence in Digital Skills and Leadership and Golf.

School Within School Structure

All our Key Stages are overseen by Mini-school Heads and Directors, ensuring a very personalised approach to student education. 

Premium Facilities

Our premium facilities are enjoyed by all our students, and we are located in a quiet, scenic part of Dubai, bordering The Villa Community.

At FPS, we see it as our responsibility to bring out our children’s gifts and talents, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities. To do this we have developed our curriculum and school ethos around our FPS values. Our FPS values have helped us to establish an education and ethos which fosters:

  • confidence, perseverance and tolerance;
  • communication and teamwork skills which encourages children to embrace collaboration, creativity and innovation in the pursuit of personal and collective excellence;
  • respect for individuality, difference, the importance of teamwork and the contribution that each child makes to the life of the school and the community;
  • an open-minded and outward-looking mentality so that our children are ready to make a really positive contribution to their wider community.

FirstPoint is rapidly evolving and developing as a school and we committed to continuing to develop FPS as an institution of international standing – so that it occupies a unique position in the UAE’s educational landscape.

Over the next few years, we will continue to establish GEMS FPS as a truly outstanding school which works to achieve our aims by continuing to focus on our families and our children. We will also be: investing significantly in the core areas of the curriculum and co-curriculum, developing our campus, improving our premium facilities, providing more personalised pathways, expanding our Centre of Excellence and Industry Links and offering a first-class education for all.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and shaping the future of education together.

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