KS4 GCSE Options - Overview of subjects

KS4 Mini-School - GCSE Options

Our GCSE programme allows students to study a wide range of subjects which will support them for Post 16 study.

Students have the opportunity to select up to four subjects which either complement each other such as P.E and Dance or subjects that are completely unlinked such as Geography and Computing. Students may even choose a blend of both approaches. Arabic A students and Muslims must study the Ministry of Education course for both subjects.

When choosing your options, we advise that you consider potential career paths or university courses which you may want to study, further support and guidance can be obtained from Ms. Dickerson, our Director of Careers.

All students, existing and new joiners, will have the opportunity to participate in our Key Stage 4 Step-Up Programme at the end of Year 9; this will allow students to gain more understanding of the demands of each course before the beginning of the new academic year.

For further information please watch the videos below or contact one of the KS4 team.

Details of all the subjects available: 

Arabic B GCSE 

Art, Craft and Design GCSE 

BTEC Music Tech 

Business and Economics GCSE

Computer Science GCSE 

Dance GCSE 

Design Technology 



French and Spanish

Music GCSE 

Geography GCSE 





Science GCSE


Moral Education 

For further information, please contact the KS4 Leadership team: Rhys Headley and Jen Cruickshank 

Next Steps

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