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Key Stage 5

The Key Stage 5 Mini School delivers a consistently strong curriculum for all learners. The high- quality curriculum is coherently planned and embodies the skills, knowledge and understanding to match the increasing demands of qualification assessment and future careers; learning and employment. Learners acquire and develop high-quality personal and professional key transferable skills, producing consistently high standards of work to achieve academic excellence. All students display high levels of respect to themselves, their peers, staff and the environment; high levels of cohesion ensure that students give back to the wider-school community and society. Learners display highly positive attitudes and commitment to their studies, developing leadership skills and a growth mindset to overcome the challenges that they face. Students undertake a variety of enrichment activities that are tailored to their needs, talents and interests. All learners feel safe, valued and student wellbeing underpins all aspects of their educational experience; facilitating them to be the best individual that they can be.

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