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The aim at FirstPoint School is for students to enjoy their learning & to maximise their potential to achieve their personal best.

At FPS Independent Learning creates exceptional independent learners.  Through consistency and a clear approach, each learner maximises their potential throughout a range of subject areas.  Expectations for Independent Learning are at the highest standard with a constant and positive encouragement from both teachers and parents.

 At GEMS FirstPoint School:

  • Independent Learning positively encourages students to enhance their learning skills outside of the classroom.
  • Independent Learning tasks are appropriate to ensure they are accessible but also create challenge that is linked to the subject. 
  • Independent Learning will follow a consistent structure across the year groups and the process will be fully adhered to by staff.
  • Independent Learning is compulsory for students to complete. 
  • Independent Learning will be marked and feedback given on all completed tasks within one week. 
  • The minimum due date for Independent Learning tasks is 48hours with the exception of the daily reading expectation from FS to Year 6. 
  • Independent Learning promotes key skills such as time management, organisation, prioritisation and taking responsibility for their work.
  • Teachers will continuously promote how Independent Learning is essential for students to maximise their potential.
  • Students will understand that Independent Learning is essential for them to maximise their potential.
  • Parents will enthuse their child and discuss their Independent Learning tasks to ensure a high standard of completion. 

Independent Learning Time Tables

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