Welcome to Key Stage 2

KS2 Mini-School

Welcome Message From the Director of Key Stage 2

Nicola Matthews

Hello and welcome to the KS2 family!  As the head teacher of the Key Stage 2 Mini School, I am incredibly privileged to be working with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team of skilled practitioners, who want to provide the best learning opportunities and experiences for your children, maximizing their progress and academic achievement. Since the school opened in 2014, I have had an active involvement in the shaping of the KS2 department as both a teacher and leader and I have supported its development growing from strength to strength. With over 20 years of teaching experience in the both the UK and the UAE and armed with a range of leadership responsibilities, my clear vision guides the KS2 team to develop the ‘whole child’.  Alongside our aim of enabling the children to be successfully literate, mathematically confident and ‘secondary’ ready as they transition to KS3 at the end of Year 6, we utilize the FirstPoint Core Values, which include leadership, thinking, creativity and innovation to develop these essential skills to prepare your children for 21st century life.  We provide the children with nurturing learning environments and engaging lessons, where behaviour is first-rate. The teacher facilitates and encourages independence, building resilience, through supporting the children to learn from their mistakes, setting real life purposeful challenges and ensuring each individual child’s needs are catered for on a daily basis.  Happy children are effective learners and well-being is a top priority of mine.  Recognizing the children’s successes and celebrating small steps and milestones along their learning journey is such a rewarding part of the role for me and the whole team and this is something we want the children to take great pride in.   I believe in building strong partnerships with parents, to maximize the support for each child to achieve their potential and beyond.  I maintain a high profile around the department and school and love speaking to the families of our children.  If there is ever anything you want to share please don’t hesitate to speak or contact me.  Your feedback is feedforward for us to continue to make improvements to benefit your children.


Warm regards

Nicola Matthews

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