KS 1 at FPS

Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage One, the place where we encourage all of our children to reach for the stars in a safe and supportive environment where children are free to take risks in their learning. 
Across Key Stage One, our children are immersed in environments that encourage learning and develop their understanding. Our incredible resources and school facilities help the children to apply their learning and embed new skills seamlessly. 

Our UK based curriculum allows our children to become world class learners that can think critically, be empathetic of others and their cultures as well as linking their understanding to real world problems encouraging them to be tomorrow’s problem solvers and leaders of the future.
At the very start of Year One, our children embark on their biggest transition of school life, the journey from FS to Key Stage One. Not only is it a different classroom with a new teacher, it is a new curriculum with new lessons to learn. Whilst we may move away from a play-based provision and into more formal learning methods, the fun, excitement, enjoyment and love of learning is still embedded into all of our learning. 

As we move into Year 2, and the end of Key Stage One, we look to develop independence and application skills allowing our children the opportunities to think outside the box in creative and imaginative ways. We encourage the children to lead their own learning and make decisions based on what has come before and what they want to do next. 
We look forward to your children joining us at FPS and us helping them to take the next steps in their learning journey. 

James Sherriff

Head of Key Stage 1

Meet The Head of KEY STAGE 1

Welcome to our school. My name is James Sherriff and I am one of the Assistant Heads of Primary at GEMS FirstPoint School. After graduating from the University of Gloucester in 2012, I took up my first teaching position in a small primary school in Solihull, UK teaching in Year 1. Three years later, and after helping my school to gain it’s outstanding Oftsed rating as well as the highest phonics screening scores in the borough, I moved to the UAE. I have worked at FirstPoint for the last 8 years and have watched the school grow and develop from it’s second year of operation. Since joining the family at FPS, I have taught across all key stages, developing and refining my own teaching practice to ensure the children reach their full potential. Now, I lead a fantastic team in Key Stage One as well as support across the primary school to ensure we provide the best possible standards of education for your children.

I truly believe that all children have the potential to be outstanding learners and that all children are able to achieve their full potential and it is our job to make that happen. I always say to our teams and people who visit FPS, that the children need to start their day with a smile and leave just the same. Happy children make for fantastic learners, fantastic learners strive for success – and the cycle continues.

I look forward to welcoming you and your children into Key Stage One and along side our wonderful team at FPS, help them to achieve their full potential.

Welcome to Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 

  • Students in the Foundation Stage are introduced to Arabic language and dedicated lessons delivered by Arabic specialists take place from FS2. 

Explore Key Stage 1

    • English 
    • Mathematics 
    • Science 
    • Enterprise  
    • Social Studies 
    • Moral Education   
    • Thematic Curriculum
      which is a project-based approach to learning that encompasses History, Geography and Visual and Performing Arts. 
    • Personal, Social and Health Education 


Key Stage 1 FAQs

  • How many hours per subject do the children study?

    Each week, the children will have 5 hours of English (in addition to separate Phonics and Reading sessions), 5 hours of Maths, 2 hours of Science, 1 hour of Enterprise, 4 hours of Arabic, 2 hours of Islamic (if applicable), 1 hour of Social Studies, 1 hour of Moral Education, 2 hours of PE, 1 hour of Desert School, 1 hour of Computing and 2 hours of theme.  

  • Can the children wear their PE kit the whole day when they have PE?

    Yes, they can wear their PE kit to school on PE days.  

  • Does the school provide snack and lunch?

    No, every child should bring their own healthy snack and lunch to school. We have a no nuts policy due to students having severe allergies towards nuts.  

  • Who teaches the children Arabic?

    Arabic specialists teach the children Arabic. The students are split into groups, Arabic A for native Arabic speakers and Arabic B for non-native Arabic speakers.  

  • What devices do the students use in class?

    From Year 1, we have the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place. Children have the opportunity to use their own device within the school setting to enhance the curriculum further. We also have other devices available for students if they do not have their own. The devices are only used for educational purposes and during certain lessons.   

  • What Phonics scheme does the school use?  

    FPS follows Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme. The children have set lessons each day for Phonics in Years 1 and 2. The children complete the Phonics lessons with their class teacher.  

  • Do you follow a specific Maths scheme?  

    At FPS, we have adapted the curriculum to the Maths Mastery approach. A maths mastery approach has ambitious expectations for all learners, gaps in learning are immediately addressed, all learners’ access rich mathematical content and conceptual and procedural maths are taught together.  

  • How do I know my child is progressing?  

    Each half term, every parent is sent a data capture with a full report at the end of the academic year. We also have one target setting meeting at the beginning of the year and two parent consultation meetings throughout the school year.  The partnership between the school and home is vital so there is continual, open communication between the parents and class teacher.  



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