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FS Mini-School

Foundation Stage Overview

The Foundation Stage is the beginning of every learner’s educational journey. The Foundation Stage at FirstPoint provides all learners with outstanding provision from day one of their education journey.  

We follow the UK Early Years Framework which is a play based curriculum. At GEMS FirstPoint School we understand the importance of play as Albert Einstein expressed, “Play is the highest form of research”. Our young learners learn and build upon their fundamental skills through play.  

We have amazing learning environments in the classroom, which is echoed in our connected outdoor learning spaces. In addition, we have a bespoke library and ICT area based on the UAE’s space exploration to Mars. Not only this but the children have lessons in our ‘Desert School’ and are taught PE by specialist teachers. Furthermore, our FS2 children also have specialist teachers for Arabic. 

At GEMS FirstPoint, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our parents who are pivotal partners in their child’s education. We have worked hard to create a family feel as parents are encouraged to take part in numerous activities with their child in school and to join our workshops, where they can learn how to support their child at home. We have weekly celebration assemblies, where parents have an open invitation to come and support and celebrate the children’s successes.  

We believe our Foundation Stage provides a learning environment that opens up the world and takes the pupils on a journey to discover and challenge their thinking. 

Welcome Message from the Head of Mini-School FS & Key Stage 1


Isabel Olley

I capitalise the School ethos of Family first; Happy, engaged, inquisitive learners; Cutting-edge digital innovation; Individualised learning journey for all and Infinite opportunities. As the FirstPoint vision states, we pride ourselves on the belief that family comes first. It is imperative that we work closely together to share all the successes and work on any challenges so your child reaches their highest aspirations. With this in mind, I urge you to make sure that you contact me if you need anything related to your child. No matter how big or small a query is, I assure you it will be dealt with urgently so that your child can concentrate on excelling in everything they do.

If you wish to contact me my email address is [email protected]. We are on a really exciting journey and I am really looking forward to working together to make all your children’s dreams come true.

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