At FPS, students complete the Edexcel Art, Craft and Design qualification at both GCSE and A Level, which means students investigate and explore a broad range of artists and disciplines within each of these areas.

Throughout KS3, students gain a wide breadth of knowledge through a range of topics are covered. Classic subject matter of Natural Forms and Still Life feature in these projects, to more conceptual topics of Imaginary Places and Fantasy Fish with Perspective Drawing and Graphic Design also included. Each project explores the four Assessment Objectives of; Investigating, Experimentation and Recording resulting in the Final Outcome. Both 2D and 3D work is created. Projects also include their own relevant inspirational artists and photography, to support and encourage students in creating original and insightful Final Outcomes. Professionally organized sketchbooks are continued throughout KS3, to celebrate the narrative and journey of individual students.

KS4 and KS5 consist of two projects each: Component 1 – Personal Portfolio (60% coursework) and Externally Set Assignment (40%examination). KS5 has the addition of the Personal Study, which is an extended essay linked to the subject matter of Component 1. Students build upon skills, techniques and knowledge gained in their prior learning, to increase the exploration of individual pathways of every student. Each is also guided by the four Assessment Objectives. Two or more disciplines within Art, Craft and Design feature in every Component, resulting in a wonderful variety of supporting studies and final pieces, celebrated in the end of year Exhibition. This also serves as the foundation of the External Moderation process conducted by a visiting Moderator from the UK.

Further Education/Potential Careers

Art – fine arts, print making, mixed media, set/stage make-up

Craft – sculpture, carving, film prosthetics, weaving, textiles

Design – Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Product Design, Set Design, fashion

Art Exhibition 2020

Annually we hold an art exhibition in school, however as a result of the distance learning in 2020, we will be hosting our first virtual Art Exhibition. This is a display of our A Level and GCSE student artwork. The accompanying art brochure is available to view here  
* Please note some of the A Level Art content has been censored, and may not be appropriate for younger students. 


June 2020 GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition



Some of Our Students Pursuing Art in University


New this year, we are now offering Photography as an A Level course


Next Steps

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