Smitinjay Srivastava

Internship with Siemens

What has been the main highlights for you so far?

The main highlights are seeing the importance of all departments running a business, and how each of them contribute to the success of an organisation such as Siemens.

Like the EHS(Environmental Protection, Health Management System) ensures that all employees of Siemens are safely evacuated. Before, I thought that EHS is simple and a basic job but once we were told what the manager of that department has to do it was fascinating to learn. It was a great experience and I am now intrigued to learn more about each department.

One other highlight was the responsibility that me and my peers are facing in a real world environment. Such as how deadlines must be met on time or there are consequences which impact on other areas of the business, in real life deadlines do matter and if not delivered on time it could be very troubling for leaders or members in a team if they failed to meet them. This experience has improved my punctuality and organisation and I see myself improving every day.

We have also met some important people such as global board members and attended exclusive events and presentations, experiencing the level of professionalism is inspirational and enables us to reflect upon our day to day practice and development goals.

Next Steps

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