To ensure that the GEMS FirstPoint School curriculum is suited to the skills, needs and abilities of each child, an assessment is held prior to entry. This assessment is held by members of our faculty who are experienced with students and aware that each pupil advances at their own pace.

Assessments vary for each year level and can be either group or individual.

Tests may include:

  • CAT exam
  • Language exam (English reading and writing)
  • Mathematics exam

For early years, students may be requested to join in a play-based activity where their motor skills will be seen and their recognition of colours, shapes or numbers are observed. In higher grades, students may be required to sit an examination where their core competencies will be assessed.

The results of this assessment are supported by previous school records, where available. Final admission can be offered at the discretion of the Principal if the student is believed to have the potential to succeed in the GEMS FirstPoint School environment.

For more information about entry to GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa, please call 04 278 9700.