Home Learning

The aim at FirstPoint School is for students to enjoy their learning & to maximise their potential to achieve their personal best.

Home Learning

FS and Primary

In FS and Primary home learning has a focus on developing students basic skills. The home learning programme consists of both required and optional work which is progressive and supported by the learning platform Education City. Our Home Learning expectations can be found here.

Key Stage 3

Students' learning will be checked every 3-4 lessons through in-class quizzes. One week prior to any in-class quiz, Students will be provided with the key learning in which they will spend 30-45 minutes preparing for each one at home.

In total, students in Year 7 and 8 should spend between 4-5 hours per week on this learning, this will increase to between 5-6 hours per week in Year 9.  In addition to this, each subject provides a menu of different extension tasks at the start of each topic. Students are encouraged to apply their learning by self-selecting which tasks to complete. All Key Stage 3 home learning will be available for students to view on MyLearning.