Enterprise & Technology

We foster practices of innovation, invention, collaboration and critical thinking.


We have a unique and exciting Enterprise Curriculum in both Primary and Secondary. The aim is to prepare the children with skills to be successful in the 21st Century. At Primary level, they complete a project each term in teams - they are set real life tasks that allow them to apply skills such as team work, problem solving, sharing ideas and leading. The projects are varied and interesting including setting up an art exhibition, designing a new chocolate bar brand or making a radio show. In Secondary, the Year 7-9 students spend tutor time developing metacognitive skills. The students begin to think about what makes an 'effective learner' to help them in their classes. Within Post-16, students are set business challenges which require cost analysis, market research and presentations of their products or services. During career days, we use links with local businesses to inspire our students to see that anything is possible.


We provide our students with an interdisciplinary, maker centered curriculum that fosters practices of innovation, invention, collaboration and critical thinking. We aim to inspire our students to shift from a consumer to producer mentality and become young inventors and entrepreneurs. By allowing our students the opportunity to solve real world problems they feel passionately about, we instil within our students a renewed interest in Technology, Computing and Enterprise. We provide our students with the opportunity to work alongside specialist teachers in our purpose built maker spaces, inventing and developing project outcomes in a variety of material and subject areas such as Robotics, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Business and Economics.