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'We should not be trying to find the 'gifted', but instead be looking to create them through systematic use of advanced learning techniques.'  

(Deborah Eyre, High Performance Learning: How to become a world class school, 2016) 


At FirstPoint School, we recognise that all our students have gifts and talents and through a broad and balanced curriculum and a rich co- curricular programme we ensure that all students have every opportunity to excel. We cherish and support a diverse community of learners with programmes which are as individual as possible. We also recognize that some students need extra support from time to time, and this includes those students who are exceptionally able.

As a result, the school has invested considerable effort and resources into a comprehensive identification system based around the results of CAT4 testing. This Cognitive Ability Test is one of a handful of globally recognized tests which are recommended by KHDA as a means for benchmarking the progress and attainment of students. CAT4 gives students a series of 4 standardized scores which relate to 4 distinct areas of learning. KHDA advises that any student who scores above 124 should be identified as a ‘more able’ student.

However, at FirstPoint we are more ambitious than that so we set the benchmark a little higher because 130 is the internationally accepted standard at which a student is said to be ‘significantly above the average range.’  In addition, the school encourages parents and teachers to nominate students for to be added to our register of most able students.

The school also recognizes the importance of supporting those students who have clearly demonstrated a passion in some other field of endeavor not necessarily connected to traditional academic achievement. Through nominations by parents and teachers we have identified a significant number of students who show exceptional performance in performing arts, sports, visual arts and community development. 

In total, our register of Most Able students accounts for almost 13% of our student population. We are proud that our school is a school brimming with potential and flair!

Those students identified with a CAT4 score above 130 have written their own Individual Education Plans which will be used on a daily basis to ensure that their needs are met and an appropriate level of challenge is consistently provided for them.

Academic Success

Rated Very Good or Outstanding by KHDA across GCSE subjects.


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