Speech and Language Therapy

GEMS First Point School proudly participates in the GEMS LINK initiative, offering holistic Speech and Language Therapy services. This is integrated within the school setting to effectively support children and adolescents facing various challenges.

GEMS is committed to developing innovative and inclusive global education practices, leading to the establishment of the GEMS LINK program. We are driven to provide quality therapeutic support for our families while also ensuring ongoing clinical training for our education team.

At FPS, we prioritize diversity and inclusivity. We ensure that our students receive the necessary support to develop their communication and interaction skills. Our Speech and Language Therapy team collaborates closely with other professionals as part of our inclusion team. This ensures consistency in approach and provides ample opportunities for students to practice their targets throughout the week, supported by the wider staff team.

We strongly believe that effective therapy involves active parental involvement and continuous feedback on progress. To support our parent community, we offer 1:1 training sessions and parent coffee mornings where useful strategies can be discussed and implemented beyond the school setting.

Above all, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students feel valued and respected. Our personalized therapy programs and activities are tailored to each individual, motivating them to actively engage and enjoy therapy sessions, fostering a desire to return for more.

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