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Re-enrolment process for parents:

  • Please sign into the Parent Portal: and log in with your Parent ID. 
  • Please note: If this is your first time to login into the GEMS Parent Portal, you will be asked to authenticate your parent/contact details. Should you have any questions or difficulty with signing in, or if you have forgotten your password, please contact the PRE on [email protected] for assistance.
  • Once you have updated your contact details, please verify that all siblings within the same school are linked. If there is a sibling missing, contact the Registrar’s office to have the siblings linked to your account.
  • Select the “Re-Enrolment” link from the Easy Access list on the right hand side.
  • Please note that you must first complete the ‘re-enrolment’ process online, you can then select ‘Pay Online’ via a credit card or ‘Pay at School’.
  • You will receive a confirmation email regarding your child’s re-enrolment.
  • If you are GEMS staff select Yes, to the question “Is Father or Mother a GEMS a member of staff”. Please enter your GEMS user ID (part of your email address) and Staff number (can be found in Pay-slip and ID card).

Not re-enrolling for the next Academic Year:

If you select ‘NO’ and proceed, you will be asked if you would like to apply for a Transfer Certificate. This option is always available through this portal and can be applied for later by a parent.

A confirmation of the Cancellation (not re-enrolling) is then sent to your email.

Important points to note regarding re-enrolment:

  • The re-enrolment process applies to all parents wishing their child/children to return to GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa for the new academic year. The process applies to all students, including company paid accounts. Parents who normally have their school fees covered directly by their employer will usually need to make this payment themselves, and then seek reimbursement from their employer.
  • The deposit is fully adjustable against the first term fees.
  • The deposit is non-refundable should your child not return to school in September. However, if a family is re-locating outside Dubai, we will consider a refund provided that proof of this relocation is submitted to us at least two weeks prior to the start of Term 1.
  • You will be able to re-enroll your child by clicking the following link and completing the re-enrolment process. This will provide you the opportunity to pay online with a credit card or you are welcome to pay at the school accounts office. The deposit can only be accepted by the Accounts Department once your re-enrolment process is complete.
  • If you do not complete the re-enrolment process before the cut-off date, a Transfer Certificate will automatically be generated and your place may be offered to a student on our Waiting List.
  • If you do not wish to re-enroll for September, please log on to the GEMS Parent Portal, to request a Transfer Certificate.

By re-enrolling your child, you agree that the terms and conditions communicated in your Parent School Contract shall continue to apply.

All parents need to pay a deposit of 5% of the annual school fee per child in order to secure your child’s place at GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa for the relevant Academic Year. The re-enrolment fee will be due by April and is credited to your Term 1 School Fees.

Transfer Certificate

The original school transfer certificate must contain the following information:

  • Date of enrolment at the applicant’s previous school 
  • Year group placement at previous school
  • Date the child left the previous school - and Year group completed
  • School stamp and signature

NB: Children coming from countries other than USA, Australia, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Japan should have the original Transfer Certificate (TC) attested by:
Education Authority of the origin (from country of TC origin)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from country of TC origin)
UAE Embassy (from country of TC origin)

Children coming from GCC (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman) must have their original certificates attested only by the Education Authority of the origin (from country of TC origin). Children transferring within UAE emirates must have their original certificates attested only by the Education Authority of the origin and students transferring within Dubai are not required to provide the TC as the transfer will complete internally through the online system.

GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa admits pupils in line with local regulations and the GEMS admission policy. When considering placing a child, we consider the information provided by the child, parents, evidence from the previous school (school reports), assessments, and any other information that has been provided.

Please note that a submitted application and complete entry assessment test does not guarantee your child a place.

Thank you for your interest in GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa.

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