Reading Lists

Reading lists and suggested books 

We love reading, and the power of books at FPS! 

We have detailed below some suggested reading lists for our students by age-group. Please note we are making suggestions only and can’t be held responsible if content isn’t appropriate for your child - please do sense-check the book's content if necessary.

Tips and Advice for English Home Learning 

Primary and FS Reading Lists:

EYFS Suggested reading list

Free audio books 

Secondary Reading Lists: 

Visual Books for reluctant readers 

Books to read before you are 13 

Books to read before you are 16 

Books around the World - global stories

Advanced Reading Lists - A note to parents: These texts have been selected to challenge pupils who are already showing a high level of ability in English. As you may expect from more difficult texts, some deal with adult themes. Please do get in touch if you would like to query any of the content before your child begins reading them.

Other Resources: 

Explore suitable for all year groups. There are lots of lists on here, and a very helpful feature called ‘what to read if you enjoyed…'

17 Best Sites to Download Free Books in 2020 

Enrichment Opportunities for students:

Additional learning and research options for students, including virtual tours of museums and lectures from key organisations, like the British Museum. 

See the schedule here 


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