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The performing arts department is extremely proud of its achievements and the exceptional work of our students. As a department, we are constantly striving to allow our children to develop their creative flair, develop critical thinking skills and be innovative in their performance work. 

We believe that children should be educated in a wide range of theatre styles and techniques developing and understanding their appreciation for both traditional and modern influential practitioners. We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to engage in dynamic group work, developing their confidence, interpersonal and lifelong skills which can be used and adapted to real life situations. We believe that the drama department is a source of enjoyment and an area for our wonderful children to develop their self-confidence in an engaging and safe environment. 

A wide range of performing arts opportunities are offered to enrich our student’s experiences including acting, music, dance and choir. Additionally, children have the opportunity to get instrumental lessons from our Gems Music Academy. Our annual production is always a highlight of the academic year strengthening our ties between the Primary and Secondary departments.

Click here to see the photo albums of some of our productions.

  • I decided to take GCSE drama after participating in multiple school shows and having great drama lessons! I love participating in school shows because it allows me to make friends that I wouldn’t have usually made and we all have fun together. The teachers are lovely and the subject really allows me to be creative as well as show and develop my practical skills.


    Lucia Lang

    Year 10 going into Year 11

  • My time as an FPS student who's been involved in the Drama department has been remarkable. Whenever support or help was needed I was never far from it. It's been an absolute pleasure to be involved with the school production, Into The Woods - which was an incredible experience. Teaching with actions, not words, was something that I felt was extremely prevalent both during the school production and in lessons. I have also taken Drama as an A-level due to further develop my practical skills and also due to me really enjoying the learning experience. It's been an absolute pleasure working with the drama teachers, they've helped me grow as an individual and I could never thank them enough for it. I'm so incredibly excited to see what the future of the drama department has to offer!


    Joshua Arbourne

    Year 11 going into Year 12

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