Admission Process

GEMS FirstPoint is an inclusive school

The admissions process has been designed to ensure students are appropriately placed at GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the school programme and policies. A student’s application will pass through different stages and is facilitated by effective communication between parents and the school’s admission team.

Additionally, students entering Foundation Stage must be fully toilet-trained.

To apply for admission, you must submit an Enquiry. 

Application Process

Step 1

Click here to be taken to the Enquiry page.

The first part of the application will require:

  • Parent/Guardian’s name, Relationship to the applicant, Valid email address (your Enquiry reference number will be sent here), Contact number
  • Applicant’s name, Applicant’s date of birth, Year level being applied for

Step 2

Submit the above information.
An Enquiry has been created at this point but it is not yet complete. You may complete it immediately or continue it when you choose.
Check the inbox of the email address provided to find your Enquiry reference number. Do not lose this number.

Step 3

Return to the Enquiry page and complete your admission application. You may include siblings in this application.

Step 4

Once you have completed the entire Enquiry, you will receive another email informing you of the documents you must take to the School Reception to complete the admission application.

Generally, these documents are photocopies of the following:

  • Applicant’s and Sponsor's passport (2 copies)
  • Applicant’s and Sponsor's Emirates ID Cards (front and back)
  • Parents’ passports
  • Applicant’s and Sponsor's UAE Residence Visa (2 copies)
  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Vaccination record/s
  • Report cards from the previous 2 years 
  • Reports relating to a student’s additional support requirements, where applicable
  • Transfer Certificate (for admission to Year 2 upwards) 

Take these documents, making a note of your Enquiry number to the Admissions Department at the school and make the Application fee (Dhs 525) payment.

Step 5

The Admissions Team will call you for an interview and/or assessment. Your child may be referred for further, specialist assessment by the school’s Inclusion Support Team to determine whether additional provision may be required to enable your child to access learning.

If a place has been offered, you will receive an offer letter by email from the Registrar within 24 hours.

Step 6

To confirm and secure your child’s place, the admission fee must be paid (Dhs 2,500) within 7 days.

Screening and Assessment

To ensure that the GEMS FirstPoint School curriculum is suited to the skills, needs and abilities of each child, an assessment is held prior to entry. This assessment is held by members of our faculty who are experienced with students and aware that each pupil advances at their own pace.

Assessments vary for each year level and can be either group or individual.

Tests may include:

  • CAT exam
  • Language exam (English reading and writing)
  • Mathematics exam

For early years, students may be requested to join in a play-based activity where their motor skills will be seen and their recognition of colours, shapes or numbers are observed. In higher grades, students may be required to sit an examination where their core competencies will be assessed.

The results of this assessment are supported by previous school records, where available. Final admission can be offered at the discretion of the Principal if the student is believed to have the potential to succeed in the GEMS FirstPoint School environment.

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