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We are delighted to have a pro-active and enthusiastic Parent Council at FirstPoint, who are passionate about their role. 

The objectives of the Parent Council are to engage families in the education and development of their children, promote positive change at the school, develop collaborative networks and work together to deliver a calendar of social and school events. 

  • I want the FirstPoint Parent Council to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children

    Liesell Vaz

    Head of the Parent Council

Our Parent Council run events such as the annual Bake Sale, the Winter Fair, International Day, Ramadan Iftar Dinner, and regular movie nights.  These social events are for the enjoyment and cultural development of the children but also to raise funds to allow the school to pursue different initiatives.  

The Parent Council also has 7 current committees taking responsibility for projects in the school such as Community Outreach, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Happiness, Teaching and Learning, Innovation, Performing Arts and Arabic & Islamic culture. The committees prioritise activities and ideas to assist the school, and work together in conjunction with the Student Council to maximise the opportunities and events. 

To find out more about the Parent Council at the school, please contact us – [email protected]

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