Vision, Mission & Values


To provide a learning community that empowers every student to achieve their potential, and Find Personal Success. 

As a school we take inspiration from, and share the vision of, the GEMS Education Founder and Chairman: "Every child has the right to a quality education. We strongly believe that every single child has talents and abilities that are as unique as their personalities. We take pride in our inclusive ethos and are determined to bring out the best in every single child who comes to us to learn. "
Sunny Varkey, Founder and Chairman, GEMS Education


To become the British Curriculum school of choice in our area of Dubai, meeting the needs and aspirations of all learners and families.


At GEMS FirstPoint School we encourage our learners to be prepared for whatever challenge they may face. Yes, it is important that they are prepared for the future beyond school, but they also need to be ready for the challenges they face today. Embracing our vision of empowering students to achieve their potential and find personal success, we encourage them to be FPS READY:

Be Resilient – Our students achieve high attainment through hard work, practice and perseverance
Be Empathetic – We inspire learners to be collaborative and confident, but to also be concerned for society, displaying compassion, kindness and respect
Be Adaptable – Our school provides an environment where stakeholders are open-minded, and where risk-taking is encouraged
Be Dynamic – Our students thrive in areas of passion – they are encouraged to be enquiring, creative and enterprising
Be You - Every child has talents and abilities that are as unique as their personalities – we inspire students to follow our school commitment: “Achieve YOUR Potential and Find Personal Success”

Our values are inspired by those of GEMS Education as a group, and by our commitment to the Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs) of High Performance Learning (HPL). 

Desired Culture

GEMS FirstPoint School will provide a supportive environment of respect that celebrates diversity amongst all stakeholders, in an inclusive learning environment that aims for outstanding academic outcomes, whilst providing myriad holistic opportunities for personal growth. 


  • Teachers do know their students by name here – and community, individualised learning and care of children is meaningful and real.

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About Our School

Being prepared to excel in an ever-evolving world is what graduates of GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa, are being taught to do.


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