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At FPS, students complete the Edexcel Art and Design qualification at both GCSE and A Level. Our courses have been updated recently, in line with the changes laid out by Edexcel and our key focus is to work and present using digital platforms that will enhance not only the student's skills but their career aspirations too.

Our refined curriculum allows students to pursue a personal journey using industry-standard techniques and equipment. We cater for all aspects of the arts - our areas of study include:


Throughout KS3, students gain knowledge and skills through various topics. Our year 7 and 8 curricula focus on technical improvement and exploration using a variety of mediums. Year 9 is focused more on the specialisms as we introduce students to projects based on Graphics, Photography and Fine Art in order for them to have a better understanding of their interests before pursuing the GCSE course.

During KS3, all students will focus on at least three artists per year. They will produce an in-depth review of the artist and refine their own skills whilst recording and presenting using a digital platform, such as Canva or Google Slides. 

All of our projects explore the four Assessment Objectives of; Investigating, Experimentation, Recording and the Final Outcome in both 2D and 3D work. 

During KS4 and KS5, all students will complete two projects; Component 1 – A Personal Portfolio in their chosen specialism (60% coursework) and Component 2, an Externally Set Assignment (40%examination), which again can align with their chosen specialism. 

KS5 also has the addition of the Personal Study, which is an extended essay linked to the subject matter of Component 1. Students build upon skills, techniques and knowledge gained to increase the exploration of individual pathways.

Students will be graded against the four Assessment Objectives:
AO1 (25%) - Development of ideas, focused investigation, analytical and critical understanding

AO2 (25%) - Exploration of appropriate resources, media, materials and techniques - in line with the development of ideas.

AO3 (25%) - Recording and presenting observations, and insights relevant to intentions, reflections and critical analysis of progress

AO4 (25%) - Presenting personal and meaningful responses that have realised intentions. Clear connections made of visual and other elements result in outcomes.
Students will be graded internally by the Art Department and the external moderation process will be conducted by a visiting Moderator from the UK or online, as per the exam board.

Further Education and Potential Careers

Fine Arts, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Set/Stage Make-up, Sculpture, Carving, Film Prosthetics, Weaving, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Product Design, Set Design, Fashion Illustration, Marketing, Digital and Multimedia Arts

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Some of Our Students Pursuing Art in University

Creative Arts

New this year, we are now offering Creative Arts as an A Level course

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