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  • 100% BTEC Pass Rate!


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Grade 9-7 (A*-A) and above


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Grade 9-5 and above


Grade 9-4 (A*-C) and above


  • 58% of students received an A*grade in at least one GCSE.
  • 93% of students achieved a B grade or above in their results
  • 100% of subjects received A or A* grades in their results
  • 9 students achieved straight A*s or As in their results

Student Quotes

  • “The past two school years have been difficult due to the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, I feel that FPS has adapted well to these changing times. My teachers have been incredibly supportive, giving me the tools and confidence to challenge myself and work to my ultimate potential, always being able to answer queries and give advice, even after school hours. They ultimately ensure that I'm striving towards my full potential, within a calm & stimulating environment. I am incredibly grateful to have spent the last 2 years at FPS.”

    Lewis Paige

    Lewis Paige

    Year 11 student 2020-2021 (9 A* grades and 2 A grades)

  • “My GCSE years were full of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was quite a lot of pressure to evidence our grades across all the subjects. My teachers deserve a lot of credit for their support and guidance in helping me not only understand the subjects thoroughly but also to obtain secure evidence. For my A levels, I will be taking Art, Product Design, Maths and Computer Science as I am considering a future career in architecture/design.”

    Thant Myint

    Thant Myint

    Year 11 student 2020-2021 (11 A* grades)

Student Stories & Quotes

  • Sreekar Gudipati is another exceptional young man who has shown he can excel despite the disruption and uncertainty in a Covid world. Accessing a mixture of learning models provided by the school’s blended learning offer, Sreekar achieved a score of 1570 out of 1600 in his SATs, placing him in the 99th percentile internationally. He was also able to secure four A Levels at A* grade and secure a place at a prestigious university in Singapore.

    Sreekar has been able to excel at FPS - graduating as Valedictorian and top of his class. He had has shared the following regarding his time at FPS:

    “FPS has been a home like no other to me. It’s a place that has made me who I am in a million different ways; has expedited my growth by giving me a plethora of opportunities to explore my academic and non-academic passions, and by offering an incredibly diverse landscape in which I have made lifelong friends, who I consider akin to family. It’s given me the confidence, skills and experience to go out into the world and make it my own, and I’ll forever be grateful to FPS. As of now, I’m in Singapore, preparing to join the Singaporean military in a few days for my 2 years of national service. Following this, I hope to study Economics and Computer Science in the USA, and will be applying to universities this year. I’m incredibly excited and nervous, but mostly curious to see where my life takes me from here on.”

    Sreekar Gudipati

    Sreekar Gudipati

    A*, A*, A*, A* Destination: Two years military service in his home country, before studying in the USA.

  • Tiago Grilo is an exemplary student who has benefited from the wide range of excellent courses we offer at FPS – choosing to study traditional core subjects such as Maths, alongside Spanish and Business. As a result of the unique offer and personalised provision at FPS, Thiago was able to combine his “traditional” studying with active participation in the school’s internships programme - completing an internship with SIEMENS Middle East. Tiago benefitted enormously from the innovative partnerships and industry links we offer to our Post 16 students, which included opportunities such as supporting the school through the Covid crisis and being a part of the emergency planning team as well as appearing on the main stage of the WETEX Smart Energy for a Sustainable Solution seminar to give a talk on sustainability with the CEO of Siemens Middle East. With these unique opportunities and the support of FPS, Tiago has been able to secure straight A* in his A-Levels and a highly-coveted place at CATOLICA Lisbon to study Business.


    Reflecting on his time at FPS, Thiago had the following to share:


    “These last two years of school have been a stepping stone to life in more ways than one. FirstPoint has played a key part in preparing us for the next stage of our lives, and we are privileged to have had an outstanding level of education and access to the innovative opportunities that FPS offers. These past two years have been difficult (with Covid), and so many people don’t have the same opportunities that we have had, so I feel lucky and know that FPS has prepared us to thrive in the future.”

    “Going forward, life will continue to challenge us time after time and life will hit us from unexpected angles, but thanks to FPS, we will be ready to fight back and be able to pave our own paths to success. FirstPoint has now been my home for the past six years. FPS is the place where I have grown into the ambitious, proactive person that I am today, and it is also the place where I have met the people who I now call family and teachers who pushed for me at my lows and challenged me to reach my highs. This year group has a bright future ahead, and I cannot wait to see the mark we leave on this world. For me, I am going to be heading back home to study Business Administration at CATOLICA Lisbon. I have been waiting for this moment all my life and I could not be more ready for this next phase thanks to FPS. Therefore, I am very grateful to FPS for all it has done to help prepare me for the future.”

    Tiago Grilo

    A*, A*, A* Destination: University CATOLICA, Lisbon

  • Nawal Sheikh is another example of a student who has had the creativity, determination and ambition to overcome adversity and excel amidst the uncertainty of this year. Achieving three A*s and one A, Nawal is now a published author and creative writer who has translated her talent into first-class academic outcomes, thanks to the courses and qualifications on offer at FPS. Having completed A Levels in a range of subjects, including Psychology and both English Language and Literature Nawal has been able to secure an offer to study at the University of Bristol. She is a powerful female role model and future leader who will undoubtedly go on to shape the world with consideration, creativity, and flare. Regarding her time at FPS and her studies, Nawal commented:

    “My favourite thing about FPS is the close-knit community between everyone at the school – the teachers, the staff, the students and even the security guards. Being a distant learner, I was worried about losing that closeness but when I do come to school, the security guards always ask me how I’m doing, how my family is doing and always wish me good luck. I feel like that’s such a unique trait that you can’t find at every school and I’m going to miss it. The diversity of the school makes it easy to connect with someone. Trust the people around you because they want to help you and they are beneficial during the GCSE years. FPS has enabled me to thrive this year, despite the challenges of Covid and I have been fully supported through all of my studies, my university applications and through my fears, worries and concerns. I am very grateful to FPS for their unending support.”

    Nawal Sheikh

    A*, A*, A*, A Destination: University of Bristol to study Law

  • Sonaa Balasubramaniam has always been an incredibly talented student. She had to overcome significant challenges and difficulties during the pandemic in order to fulfil her ambitions of completing her A Levels and applying to read Medicine at university. With a move to Distance Learning and the full support of her teachers and school, Sonaa has achieved three A*s and one A in her Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths A Levels. Despite applications to Medicine being more competitive than ever, Sonaa has been able to secure an offer at UCL (University College London) to read for their prestigious MPharm course. This is a highly ambitious choice, and Sonaa had to sit additional tests and meet a string of conditions to apply. She was supported through the process by the excellent Careers Team here at FPS and we are all exceptionally proud of her for showing the resilience, perseverance and determination to succeed in such difficult times. Given that MPharm from UCL is among the top 5 globally, this is a tremendous achievement for Sonaa and she is well placed to continue to excel in her studies for the future.

    Sonaa Balasubramaniam

    A*, A*, A*, A Destination: UCL, MPharm

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    Maths graded as ‘Very Good’ across all phases of the school 

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