Fatema Mawji

Speech and Language Therapist

Hello, I am Fatema, the Speech and Language Therapist at GEMS FirstPoint School.

I recently moved from London, UK to Dubai, bringing along a rich experience supporting children and young adults in both mainstream and specialist schools, as well as through private practice, addressing a broad spectrum of speech, language, communication, and interaction needs. 

Over the years, I developed a specialism in supporting individuals with moderate to severe or profound needs such as Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury, and global developmental delays. Through this journey, I've come to hold a deeply rooted belief that every single child harbour’s unique potential awaiting nurturing, and our role is to assist in unlocking it.
A fundamental cornerstone of my approach is the triangular therapy model, which hinges on active participation from everyone involved, especially parents and teaching staff. Through consistent training, advice, and modelling, I aim to foster a seamless collaborative environment within the school, where the synergy among parents, teachers, assistants, and the therapy team propels meaningful progress. I acknowledge that the key is to develop strong relationships with parents and staff.

The essence of our profession as Allied Health Professionals extends beyond traditional therapy. In the unique environment that schools provide, the scope of Speech and Language Therapy unfolds expansively. It’s a journey that goes beyond the obvious definition to also include aiding individuals in developing confidence, self-awareness, emotional resilience, dynamic conversational skills, assertiveness, and leadership skills. Moreover, adapting to each individual’s needs, we explore alternative communication methods such as talking devices, pictures, sign language, while nurturing foundational skills like eye contact, attention, listening, initiation and relationship building.

I look forward to this new journey in Dubai, contributing to the positive and supportive environment here at GEMS FirstPoint School, and ensuring that every interaction moves us one step closer to unlocking children’s communicative and interactive potential.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any concerns or questions regarding your child’s speech and language development. My door is always open to parents seeking advice or support, and I am keen on fostering a culture of open dialogue that will serve to enrich the support system around our children.

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