Aoife McHugh

Year 8 Leader

Ms McHugh has been a member of the FPS Mathematics department since her move to Dubai in 2017.

Ms McHugh grew up in the West of Ireland and graduated from the National University of Ireland Galway with an Honors Degree in Mathematics and Education. After her graduation she moved to the UK where she taught for a year before moving to Dubai.

She is a passionate teacher, who strives to create a holistic, positive learning environment that caters for the individual needs of each student in her care. Ms McHugh works closely with all teachers within the Maths department to ensure that they work together to help each and every student strive to their full potential.

On joining FPS Ms.McHugh began her pastoral journey as a year 7 form tutor. She was privileged to support this group throughout their journey until the end of year 10, when she was successful in securing a head of year role. Ms. McHugh vision for her year group can be seen in all areas of the tutor programme for year 8.
‘Everyone within this year group is accountable for building a supportive, encouraging, and caring environment.
Together we make everyone feel appreciated and valued.  Mistakes are to be discussed so that we can all learn from one another.’


Next Steps

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