Cormac O Donnell

Year 10 Leader

I am thrilled to be Head of Year 10 and look forward to guiding these terrific students to
unlocking their potential and being the best version of themselves. Having greatly benefited
from the pastoral help of my mentors as a student myself, I strive to provide the same
guidance for my students. My responsibility will be to help create the conditions that will
support the academic progress and wellbeing of students. I have enjoyed a very successful first year in GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa teaching
English and Media Studies in such a reputable school with a wonderful school community.

I received my BA Honors Degree in English from Maynooth University, Ireland. Following
this, I earned both my Master’s Degree in Film Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in
Education at the University of Galway, Ireland. More recently, I obtained the CSML
Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard Business School Online.

Outside of school, I enjoy journalism and have written for many international publications.
I have a keen interest in boxing and am currently helping the World Boxing Council – WBC
promote the sport in the Middle East.

I have been married to my Saudi-American wife for 2 years now. In our spare time we enjoy
watching movies, travelling and being entertained by our many pets.

Next Steps