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Key Stage 4 Overview

We inspire our senior students by providing them with skills and opportunities that will enable them to operate in an ever-changing world successfully. Skills such as how to communicate, collaborate, innovate and think critically are taught to our students in preparation for Higher Education and the world of work. We provide opportunities that include work placements, University seminars and workshops, Industry-specific qualifications and character shaping trips and visits as we believe that this will add value and help develop our students further.

Students in KS4 Mini School can choose from a variety of pathways which include a straight GCSE pathway, a pathway with fewer GCSEs with extra support in the core subjects and a pathway which mixes the GCSEs with the ASDAN qualification. Within each pathway students can further develop and extend their curriculum choices. Options such as Further Maths, English Literature, Arabic A GCSE and Islamic Studies GCSE are also available

Welcome Message from the Head of Mini-School Key Stage 4


Nathan Jackson

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a warm welcome to the Key Stage 4 Mini School. I am the Headteacher for the Key Stage 4 Mini School and am extremely excited about working with your children. I understand that Year 10 and 11 is a daunting time for parents however I would like to reassure you that we have an experienced team in place ready to support your children, ensuring that they maximise their outcomes.

I have worked in education for fourteen years and have held a number of leadership roles during that time. In each leadership role, I have increased student outcomes and have continuously broken school records in terms of attainment. I am of the belief that if children are happy then they will achieve. Having said this, making children happy does not necessarily mean giving them what they want. Making children happy is about making decisions in their best interests in order for them to progress so they can reach and exceed their potential. I am passionate about raising student attainment and will be ensuring that our students finish Year 11 with the best set of grades possible.

In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that we work together and increase our levels of communication. Please feel free to reach out to me or a member of the team if you have any concerns or ideas as we are determined to ensure that the School continues to progress rapidly. We promise that our students will have high quality lessons supported by excellent behaviour for learning. We will use a personalised approach supported by the clever use of data to maximise your child's outcomes and we aim to instill a love learning and the appreciation of the value of hard work into each and every child.

We are on a really exciting journey and I am really looking forward to working with you and sharing successes with you.





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