Student leadership shared vision


From an academic standpoint, we are passionate about making learning fun by incorporating events such as subject specific contests and fairs to show off all students talents and creativity. We aim to provide a diverse array of activities such as design, cooking, and various sporting tournaments to ensure each individual can find what they enjoy and play to their strengths.
We will also work closely with FPS parents and staff to organize more events such as International Day, so we can celebrate the diverse cultures within our community. With the help of parents, we hope to host more sporting events and fun trips out of school which will promote happy, inquisitive learners. We would love to encourage and celebrate learning with a wide variety of awards. It’s also a priority of ours to give back to the wider community, and host more charity events; such as bake sales and beach clean ups, to promote kind hearted empathetic individuals. With your support , we hope for a great year.

Message from Our Head Girl


My name is Srija Suragouni and I am honored to be the new Head Girl of FPS. I have been a loyal member of the FPS community for 5 years now. FPS has provided me with a nourishing environment in which I have been able to grow and flourish over the years. As Head Girl, I aim to provide and enhance both the academic and creative aspects within FPS. Some of my own interests include an array of sports such as netball, rounders, basketball. I also take interest in baking and cooking and won the FPS master-chef contest. In my own time I also enjoy singing and dancing, and from an academic standpoint I surprisingly enjoy Maths! I strive to create many more academic contests to stimulate learning in an enjoyable way. I aim to implement student support systems, so each student feels supported mentally and academically.

Message from our Head Boy


My name is Aman Sehmi, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve as your Head Boy this year. I plan to excel FPS beyond expectations. I have been part of the GEMS community for over five years. My past experiences have given me all the necessary skills and values to produce results that matter to the school. My extracurricular activities include marathon running and physical fitness. These activities have given me a growth mindset to overachieve and strive past any boundaries I face. I plan to replicate this attitudes across the students of FPS. I fully understand the difficulty and importance of this prestigious role; however, five minds are better than one. Therefore with the help of the extraordinary leadership team and the students of FPS, we will make you all proud to be part of GEMS FirstPoint School.

Message from our Deputy Head Girl


My name is Arwa Al Hussaini, I am honoured to have been selected as your Deputy Head Girl and I am ready to accept all the duties and responsibilities that come with this prestigious role. I aspire to make this school a comfortable and more interconnected environment. I want to focus on students’ mental health and well-being as well as their personal enjoyments and interests to make this school year one to remember.

Message from our Deputy Head Boy


Hello, my name is Hasnain Ayaz. I am excited to your Deputy Head Boy this year. Student development; both academically and socially are my main priority. I would like to help students achieve the goals they set by encouraging all students to set themselves short term achievable goals. Moreover, I aim to help students grow their imagination and creativity by introducing various science events with the help of my team.

Message from our Deputy Head Girl

Hello, I’m Ella Nami and I am honoured to be chosen as one of your Deputy Head Girls this year. I envision to host more creative inter house and individual competitions to embrace the talent among our FPS community. These could include art and design competitions as well as textiles and cooking events. I would love to incorporate more student ideas into these events so voice any ideas you have to me or my fellow leadership members so we can put these ideas into action.

Next Steps