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Composed of 4 excellent teachers, the Modern Languages department is a one the most successful departments at FirstPoint with our students achieving amazing results for GCSE and A-Levels.

French is offered from Year 1, (Spanish Year 6) to Year13, whilst other languages are offered as Community Languages examinations. We are passionate about fostering in our students a love for language and culture, and offer a fantastic array of activities and strategies to give every students an engaging classroom learning experience. .

Year 1 to Year 6

Pupils study French as their first Modern Foreign Language. In the last term of Year 6, students start learning Spanish. This is to help them make an informed choice as to which language they wish to learn in Year 7.

Year 7 to Year 9

Year 7 pupils choose between French and Spanish as their Modern Language. They are gradually and thoroughly prepared for GCSE and are taught important language skills.

Years 10 and 11

Students, if they choose to, continue with the language they studied in Year 7, 8 and 9. For 2 years, they will benefit from an increased number of hours of Modern Language per week (3 hours in total). The lessons are impactful, engaging and aim to get students to the highest level possible.

Sixth Form

Students take a two-year advanced course in which they study cultural, political and societal themes, along with film and literature study. The number of hours increases to 5 hours in Year12 and 6 hours in Year 13. At the end of the course, students attain a high level of proficiency and can discuss profound topics in a meaningful way. They are ready to continue studying languages at University, if they choose to.

Community Languages

The Department also offers the opportunity for students who are proficient in another language to train and pass examinations in the same language. For example, we have organized German, Italian, Greek, Urdu, Portuguese and Russian GCSE and A Level. This is great for students who desire an extra subject (and a high grade!).

The Modern Languages department is committed to giving our pupils a real insight into the culture and customs of the country and language they study, whilst at the same time creating links with real life and especially life in the UAE.

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