FPS Student Publishes research paper

FPS Student Publishes research paper – High Performance Learning at its peak

Year 13 student Sara Saraiji has published her independent research completed as part of her Extended Project Qualification. The Teaching and Education Research association (TERA) is an international community of Researchers, Practitioners, Students and Educationists for the development and spread of ideas in the field of teaching and education. The driving force behind this association is its diverse members and advisory board, who provide inspiration, ideas, efforts and drive collaborations, of which Sara is now part of. Sara’s research, which is titled, “Investigating the Effects of social media on the Well-Being of Teenagers” has been accredited by TERA, through a peer review process. FPS students formed part of Sara’s sample, which means that our community has directly benefitted from her amazing work! 

Sara describes the experience - “Publishing this research paper alongside graduates and scholars has truly been an unparalleled learning opportunity. My research paper in particular, allowed me to learn how to carry out statistical analysis by using a t-test to draw inferences from the experiment I conducted. This experience has taught me the fundamental value of scientific research and the basis of facilitating a sophisticated research paper. I am honored to receive this award with the help of FPS’s supporting faculty members. I intend to publish and present more research papers at international conferences in the future, to continuously foster my passion for holistic learning and academia. This milestone and journey is one that I will truly savor forever.”

Sara has now connected with multiple international researchers, and it networking. We are very proud of Sara’s achievements. 

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