GEMS Platinum Jubilee Scholarship

The winner of the GEMS Platinum Jubilee Scholarship for FirstPoint School

Thursday 3rd November saw our very own Deputy Head Boy, Hasnain Ayaz, rewarded this year’s GEMS Jubilee Scholarship Award. 

There were over 70 applicants in the running for this award but after lengthily discussions from the illustrious judging panel, Hasnain was chosen as a very worthy winner. 
I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Hasnain on this wonderful achievement both on an academic level, but also a personal one.

As Hasnain’s Head of Year, I could not think of a more suitable winner for this award. His work ethic, attitude and personable approach is truly admirable and I am certain that this is only the beginning of the list of achievements for Hasnain.

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