Eight University Offers

Gunduz Alp Sezgin

UNIVERSITY OFFERS: A massive well done to Gunduz Alp Sezgin, who has received a total of eight university offers from a number of very prestigious destinations. He has four offers from the University of Warwick, University of Manchester, University of Bristol and Bangor University in the UK. He also has 3 offers from Canadian universities including the University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Toronto and York University. In Switzerland, he has been accepted to Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne (EHL).

September 2020 Update

"It has been a week since I started my classes in the University of Toronto for undergraduate Commerce program. I can already say that University life is very different to High School. I am taking five courses and, looking at the syllabus and what I have done this week, I can describe it as doing 5 A Levels in a single term! However, my experience from FPS has given me the discipline to stay on top of content, deadlines and to be proactive. Wonderful teaching from FPS will also help me get through my Maths, Economics and Business courses easily. 

I advise all students in FPS to get the best out of their learning journey and definitely get used to heavy workload because you will need it! Apart from all the difficulties  I chose a program that I am deeply interested in, and so I am definitely enjoying myself - I think everyone should really look forward to university experience!"

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